About Us: We created this site to bring together the community of 'Oldies at Large' throughout Australia. Those of us who enjoy the Adventure of Life and Travelling throughout our country, or sitting at home planning trips and adventures. This site is a means of keeping in touch with our friends, it is where we can seek advice and where we can share our tales... essentially it is your digital version of being 'Around the Campfire'. A place which even my elderly computer phobic friends can navigate around with a minimum of fuss.

We aim to offer a meeting place for like minded souls. A place where we can link up to accomplish whatever endeavours we might try, be it literary adventures, small marketing through one of our many marketing sites or even finding that special person who would love and appreciate that special piece of art, or craft we have laboured over and loved. You are welcome to email us and we would love to include your endeavours on this site.

Here we hope you can meet up with your friends through the medium most used by the traveller, email and the web, we would offer you a friendly hand. The most important thing is that you come to enjoy your visits, link up with friends no matter where you are and have a wonderful time. We would like tp help and advise you how you can publish those wonderful travel tales, and preserve the memories of a lifetime with self publishing advice.

Friends are important in our world and sharing your experiences and adventures is a means to making friends where ever you go.

Paymate, Secure Online Ordering

Jan Hawkins operates as a sole trader with the business name of Jan Hawkins being a fully registered Australian business (BN 52 491 431 352). Oldies at Large was the creation of friends with vision.

All items offered for sale through the Oldies at Large site are processed electronically by Paymate. This method of internet payment and management of funds was chosen for security and convenience. Many of the people who use this site are often of no fixed address due to the demands of travel or are inconvenienced by other factors in their lives when it comes to purchasing that right gift for someone. Paymate can offer you a means to purchase, pay and offer items for sale in a secure environment which is ultimately AUSTRALIAN.


Paymate at was chosen to take care of all credit card transactions in a fully secure manner and they utilise the highest encryption standards so your details are always safe.

When you click on the Paymate logo the details for Jan Hawkins will come up and the email address (account detail) is already embedded in the little pop-up window or on the invoice site. There is no need to register to make a payment. Paymate provides information for you regarding fees, conversions etc. You must pay in Australian dollars and goods will be shipped immediately Paymate notifies that the funds are cleared. Your bank statement will reflect a payment made to Paymate.

You will need Java and Cookies enabled to use Paymate. You will also need your Credit Card Number, Expiry Date. Paymate sends you (and us) an email immediately a payment has been made and you will receive an email from Oldies at Large as soon as possible thereafter confirming your Order Number and advising you concerning other detail. This is usually in 1 -3 days. Please allow up to 2 weeks delivery within Australia and about 3 weeks for overseas, depending on your location. These times may vary and are contingent on so many things these days so they are only a guide.

Alternative Payment


Please send monies to the paypal client, when Paypal sends confirmation of payment, goods will sent.


BSB Details will be made available on most invoices issued through Paypal, or alternatively simply request the BSB details via email

Purchasing Guide

The major thing we have found is that present security concerns overseas may delay delivery. In regards to the purchase of POD Books please remember that Print on Demand relates to the fact that we are able to store books in the Printer's system and order on a needs basis rather than having to buy huge quantities of books up-front. "On Demand" is a term relative to Publishers not Buyers; and it does not mean instant delivery - the same conditions apply for ordering our books as with anything you order over the Internet.

All e-book purchase arrangements are conducted through the e-book site. By our link on this site, you will be taken to the e-book retailer and purchase arrangements will be made through their site. We do not manage the distribution of e-books ourselves we merely recommend sites which we have found efficient and helpful.

We will at all times keep you appraised of your Order and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns. If you are overseas here is an exchange rate checker: Oldies at Large aim to provide the best service and a safe shopping environment for you so, please, if you have any queries or problems please contact us immediately and quote your Order number and everything possible will be done to help you.

Jan Hawkins

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