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Welcome to my world. Reading is my love and writing a natural extension of that. When I decided to retire in 2005 after working 20 yrs in Education it was then that I wanted to settle down into writing the stories I had explored in my mind for many years.

I have always been interested in the Indigenous Culture, as a Native Australian I feel my own links to our Land and the story 'Shadow Dreaming' in The Dreaming Series is my own Dreaming. My family has lived in Australia for hundreds of years and it is a place I love, one I feel a deep connection to and a place which owns me.

I have loved writing nearly all of my life, the adventure of writing and the enjoyment of sharing adventure is to me an ultimate pleasure.

The publication of my writing began in the local rags with cryptic comment and then extended to freelance writing for travel publications and other magazines and e-zines while I got on with the business of earning a living at other things.

Having an opinion or an idea in this world can be an interesting journey and I have travelled along that path, sometimes been slated for my opinion and other times had the pleasure of having my opinion shared and occassionaly even entertaining friends and family with the musings of my mind.

The first novel in The Dreaming Series, 'Shadow Dreaming', is one in a series in a contemporary stories of adventure, misadventure, love and drama. Tom, a young man introduces the stories of his family, and in the telling he relates his own story and history. The first book is the story of his eldest brother, Taipan and his spiritual ties with Aine, a young Australian woman of the contemporary world and their struggle to find their place in the conflicts of their worlds.

'The Dreaming Series' is the journey we all take in moving through our own world. It is a tale of the mysitc intrigue in one of the oldest cultures alive in the world today. The world of the Australian Aboriginal 'Clever Men and Women' or Shaman, they have many names, is a story unlike any other. The antiquity found in the stories of these 'Clever Men' is clouded only by the need to tell their history in an entertaining way so that the young minds about them can remember the telling.

The language of the Australian Aboriginal is traditionally a spoken language with stories handed down over the generations by the Storytellers and Songmen and even today is largely not written down. So their story is largely not told and is often even more difficult to understand as it slips into time. However there are not many cultures in our world which can track back in a definable line, some 50,000 years. This is the story I have attempted to tell.

My other writings are the adventures of travel. Watch this space!

The second book in The Dreaming Series, - Sky Song, is also now available and continues the tale of the Shaman with Sean & Jenna's story. I hope you enjoy the telling.

Jan Hawkins.


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