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Aussie Tales & Stories in Print

The Dreaming Series

Touch the lives of Aboriginal Shaman in a Fictional tale of Adventure and Love
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It is an ancient Lore. They are a people who live by different rules in a modern world. Reach out and touch the Dreaming of the Ancient Australian Aboriginal Lore, travel with the Rainbow Serpent and other Spirit Creatures of the Dreamtime. Learn how a world very different from your own survives amongst us. The loves, trials and passions of the Shaman who live sheltered by their Lore and yet who walk amongst us, ordering our lives in what is the oldest land on Earth.

Each book, of the four books in the Dreaming Series is a story in its own right. Each Shaman you follow lives within the boundaries of the lives of others and yet their stories are unique, phenomenal and rich in diversity and ripe in challenge. The Dreaming Series – a flight into another world.

Around the Campfire Series

True Tales of Travel and Adventure around Australia
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