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This is our Library, our Bookshop
and our Media Centre

Please relax, take a look around and browse. It is time for a cuppa, or a wine (5pm for Happy Hour), or maybe a nice cool frosty glass of water.

You will find links here that will take you to the News Sites, the Bookshop and links to our self published works which are available for your reading. Here you will also find links to 'Out of Copyright' classic works which you can download and read on you 'puter or e-reader.

We have some unique self published work from our readers, memoirs and travel tales which we hope you will enjoy Down Memory Lane. We endeavour to change these regularly and we encourage our readers to 'Oldies at Large' to suggest or offer their contributions for free, for others to read.

We also feature popular Australian sites you might like to visit as you relax. Browse some recipes or read an on-line mag. Check out the weather or simply relax.

If you have something you would like to share, please contact us and tell us about it. We will be posting contributions from our visitors when we can.

We have also tried to provide a number of varied links to sites where you can download reading material for free, and some which are offered for purchase.

Sit back, relax and allow us to entertain you. Or visit our other rooms where you might like pick up a book. We encourage you to participate and share your experiences so let us know if you have a story to tell, and how you would like to tell it.

We also have some advice on 'self publication' through our friends at Amazon.com, Smashwords and CreateSpace and we can help you share your tales and stories with family and others in both digital e-book or print. Drop us a line and we will value your memoirs.

Jan Hawkins

Check out Jan's BLOG SPOT and discover what is going on in her world and travels


Jan is a Goodreads.com Author and regularly visits this site to catch up with her readers. Feel free to drop her a line there or check out what she has been doing lately.

Click here for:

Jan Hawkins
Her Authors Page on Goodreads

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